College years are hard for most of us. It can be very overwhelming, all the exams, the workload, the parties, finding friends, essays and so on. There is a lot to do most of the time and it seems like there is not enough time in the day. So why would anyone even think about working part-time in college?

There are a lot of great reasons for that. I work part-time and it is great. I wouldn‘t quit my job. I was also working while I was full-time studying.

But working part-time is really only an option if you feel like you can handle it. There is no reason to start a job if you feel like it is going to be way too much for you. Only, if you feel like you can handle it, you should apply for a job.

So why it is important to work part-time in college? Here are the reasons I could think of, but please let me know in the comments what you think!

1 Money, of course

The main reason for students to apply for a part-time job is because of money. And I won‘t lie, it is very nice to have a little extra cash and not be broke all the time in college. It makes a lot of things easier and you are not going to worry that much. That takes a lot of pressure off of your shoulders. If you are struggling with money, having not enough, a part-time job could be the answer. And I know, that a lot of students don‘t even have the choice, they have to work part-time to be able to finance their studies. To you: I know, it is hard, but a part-time job is more worth than you think.

2 Experience

The second most important aspect (if you otherwise have enough money, than the first) is gaining experience. It is not only great on your résumé, but also you are learning a lot at work. If you work somewhere that is related to your major, even better. If not, it is still experience and learning. That is what evolves you. If your working conditions are horrible, you are not paid fairly or otherwise treated poorly, that doesn‘t count as an experience. You should quit. It is not worth it.

3 Colleagues

You may know a lot of college students as your friends but your colleagues are also very important. Most of the time, they are people who have a different path in life than you do. You can learn a lot from them and they see things differently as college students do. They maybe have a lot more knowledge and experience in life and could even possibly open doors for you, that you wouldn‘t have found otherwise. So be nice and open to them.

4 Getting away from your desk

This was something that really helped me. It was nice to get away from the desk and do something. Something that actually resulted in physical outcomes, in this case, money on my bank account. I felt like I was doing something that had a purpose. Unlike studying the whole day for the whole semester, where only the exam counted as a result. Also, it took my mind off of studying and I was allowing myself to do something else, working.

5 Saving money

Working part-time enabled me to save a lot of money. Because I am having more money than I would actually need, I can save. This is great, because you can save for soo many things, like your student loan, traveling, hobby related items, clothes, or whatever makes you happy. I even wrote a blog post about how I saved 500 Euros in 2 months as a college student, you can read it here, if you want to. It was only possible because I am working part-time.

I would highly recommend working part-time in college. There are so many benefits and you learn so much. If you don‘t like the job or it is too much for you, you can still quit. Or look for another job that suits you more. You can even try many different jobs if you want to, and see what fits the best.

I know, in the US, it is almost a must to work part-time, so you can pay for your studies. Here in Germany most of us don‘t have to work (of course, there are always exceptions), but we still do. And it feels great.

Do you work part-time? If yes, where? Do you have any points to add to this list? Let me know in the comments 🙂