Remember when I wrote about changing my major?

Well, I found something, that I now study and I really enjoy it. I developed a routine to help me study and in this blog post I want to share it with you.

So I found an online distance learning course where I can qualify to be a vegan nutritionist. (If you are from Germany or you can speak german and want to take this course, you can find it here. It is an affiliate link, so if you register by using this link, I earn a commission)

For this course, I have to read, highlight, take notes, make flashcards, watch videos, take notes on the videos, answer self-control questions and take tests. So if that sounds like the work you have to do, than I may help you with a study routine.

The structure of my studies

To make sure that you understand my routine better, I want to explain a little how my studies are built up. There are 15 chapters and each chapter has scripts, videos, self-control questions and a test. After I have taken the test, I finished the chapter and I can move on to the next one.

I actually created 2 different routines: one is a general one, that helps me get through a chapter and another one for daily use. So let‘s call the first one general study routine and the second one daily study routine.

The general routine ensures that I completed everything in a chapter before I take the test. So it basically prepares me for it.

There are 9 steps in this study routine:

1. download and print the scripts of the chapter, staple them
2. read and highlight anything important
3. read again and take notes
4. use the Cornell method for note taking
5. watch the videos
6. watch again and take notes
7. answer self-control questions
8. read through notes again
9. take the test

This plan gives me a general idea of how to move forward in my studies but it doesn‘t really go into detail that much. So for daily use I created another one, this time only 4 steps:

Daily study routine

1. read the notes from the last study session and complete the Cornell notes by writing on the margin and writing a summary at the bottom
2. continue reading in the script (steps 1. – 4. general study routine)
3. create flashcards if necessary
4. write down any questions that you can‘t answer by yourself

I always start by reading my notes from the last time. It helps me remember where I left off and that is the third time I am confronted with the topic, so it helps me remember it better. I use the Cornell method a little differently – usually you take notes in lectures, then go home and complete your notes by writing down any keywords and questions on the margin and writing a summary.

Because I don‘t go to lectures, all of my notes come from a script. So I use the middle part for general note taking, then at the next study session I start by taking out the notes I took last time and complete the notes (margin and summary).

After I am finished with the notes from the last study session, I continue working in the script, reading, highlighting, reading again and taking notes. Also I create flashcards if I find information that I should memorize. Are there any questions that I can‘t find an answer to, I would just write it down and move on.

This routine really helps me memorize a lot. I can also efficiently move through the chapters and be sure that I have done everything. I also keep a section in my study bullet journal, where I just list all the different things for each chapter, so for example:

Chapter 1

Script 1
Script 2
Video 1
Video 2
Self-control questions

As I go, I just tick off the tasks, when I am finished with one of them. When everything is ticked off, except the test, I know, I am ready to take it.

I also opened a YouTube channel, where I am going to upload study with me‘s, bullet journal videos and so on. There are already 2 study with me‘s on there and I am trying to get better at filming videos and such. I bought a tripod for my phone the other day, so I can film better videos. It wasn‘t even expensive! If you are curious which one I bought, it was this one. It came with a phone holder and a little thing, which you can press and it starts/stops the video recording for you. So easy!

So I am going to leave my second study with me video here, because in that video I explain a bit, so it may be helpful for you.

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Also, let me know in the comments down below, what your study routine is like. I would love to know! I always look for new input and ideas to add to my study routine 🙂

Thank you for reading!