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So, we are all staying at home to flatten the curve (what a time to be alive!). Semesters have been postponed, exams cancelled, schools are closed. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do! If you are bored and/or want to get stuff done, that is kind of productive but not that intense, I got ya! I created a list full of things you could do, that would contribute to your school career, but also not overwhelm you (well it depends on how many things from this list you would want to do at once, haha). So let’s get into some ideas on what to do!

I just quickly want to say, that is is totally fine if you don’t do any of these things or anything at all! This is a very trying and stressful time for all of us and we are all coping differently. I like to keep myself busy to feel like I am in control, but if you cope by not doing any college related things, that’s fine, too! Don’t feel guilty, if you don’t feel motivated at all, that’s fine, do things that are fun to you! With this disclamer done, let’s jump in!

Stay at home ideas

Set up a study bullet journal

One stay at home ideas would be to create a study bullet journal, if you don’t already have one. In this bullet journal you would put all of your uni/school related to-do’s, goals, your schedule, your study hours, grades and anything else you would like to include. I think this is a good idea, because it could take some time to set up a whole journal, but it would definitely make your more organized once your classes start back up again!

I wrote a blog post on this topic actually, so if you want to check that out, you can do so here:

Prepare for the upcoming semester while staying at home

Another stay at home idea that you could do, if you want to, is to prepare for the upcoming semester. My semester was postponed and I will have online classes, so I think this semester is actually going to be a lot harder than a normal one. Because of this, I would want to prepare for it, thus maybe making it a little bit easier. If you need some ideas on how to prepare for the semester, you can read this blog post I wrote:

Organize study notes and papers

If you don’t really want to do actual studying (I totally get you, btw), you could take some time to organize your study notes and all the papers you collected while you stay at home. Maybe think about a system to store your study notes and throw away anything that you don’t need anymore. You could also come up with a new system for the new semester. Maybe you want to do Cornell notes? You could prepare some paper for that, so you are good to go next semester. Do you want to reorganize your whole storage system for study notes so you find things easier? What better time than now?

Take a class and learn something new while staying at home

I think it is always a good idea to learn something new. You could take a class on a specific topic to deepen your understanding of it, or you could learn something totally new that could be helpful for you in the future. I am learning touch typing, so I am quicker and making less mistakes when I type – a very necessary skill for someone who does a great chunk of their uni work on a laptop. I am also learning speed reading on Udemy, because reading textbooks a lot faster sounds amazing! But you could also learn computer programming, or productivity methods or budgeting. There are so many resources out there that it is hard to get bored while I stay at home!

I would recommend Skillshare, because it is quite affordable and you can learn so many different things on there once you signed up! You can sign up clicking on the image below and you get 2 months of Premium membership for free!

Put together some school outfits

I have had my fair share of early morning classes. The last thing I want to do when I have to get up early is to spend a ton of time on my outfit. So I just wear the same outfits over and over again. This is is not a bad thing, but I could do with some variety. So now is the perfect time to put together some cute and comfy outfits! You could take photos of them and save them in a folder on your phone, so you always have the inspiration! How does this contribute to college success?

Well, first, you are more likely not to be late if you know what you are going to wear. Maybe you are even going to be early, so you have time to read through your notes and be even more prepared for the lecture. Also, by putting together some outfits, you are “shopping your closet” and potentially spend less money on clothes and I think that is a huge thing, college student or not!

Master your morning routine

Another thing regarding mornings – now is the best time to create and master a morning routine. A morning routine really helps you to start your day right and set you up for a great and successful day. You can make your morning routine as short or long, easy or complicated as you want, it’s yours! If you don’t have a morning routine at all, maybe try to build it over time. First, start with one thing you want to do every morning (e.g. reading a chapter) and try to do that every morning for 3 days (or 5, or 7, whatever floats your boat). Then add another habit (e.g. working out) and do the first and the second one every morning for a set amount of days. You get the idea.

You could make it a part of your morning routine to read through study notes for the upcoming class or go through some flashcards. Or you can do a “study-free” routine by concentrating on your wellness in the mornings.

Establish a sleep schedule while staying at home

This one I really have to do myself, my sleep schedule is all over the place at the moment. If you are also guilty of this, then what better time than now to establish a sleep schedule? We all know that a regular sleep schedule has a lot of health benefits, including better focus during the day and increased learning capacity. So get into that routine, so you can be your best self when uni starts again!

You can use this calculator to find out when to go to sleep. You don’t wake up in the middle of deep sleep, trust me!: Sleep calculator

Create a study space

If you don’t already have one, now would be a good time to create a study space. This doesn’t have to be a very fancy and big space. You only need a desk and a chair and maybe a lamp. Set it up and do all your work there. Don’t ever work in the bed! Get used to working in your study space! This way you will get in the study mood just by sitting down at your desk.

Create a study playlist

There are a lot of playlists and livestreams out there with study music, but now you can create your own! Listen to some you can find on the internet to figure out what kind of music you like to study to, then create your own! You could even create different kinds – like energizing study music, happy study music, late night study music, morning study music!

Sort out your stationery/school supplies

If you are anything like me, you have empty pens and paper clips in your pencil pouch. I should really sort through my stuff, so I don’t take those pointless things with me everytime I go to uni. Maybe you need to do that, too? Put everything in order, so it’s ready to go when the semester rolls around!

Do you have any stay at home ideas? Share them in the comments!