It is spring now (yay!) and with that, there comes spring cleaning! There are so many articles about general spring cleaning, so I wanted to create one for students in dorms. And what better time to do this, when we are all staying home because of this virus? (Maybe prepping for the upcoming semester or setting up your study journal? Check out these blog posts, if yes!)

I myself live in a small studio, with kitchen, bedroom, dining room and study space all in one room, plus I have a small bathroom for myself. It is not a real dorm, but it is very close to it. I adore my small and cute apartment, even if it is super overpriced. But it isn’t always a bad thing that you live in a small space – it means there is less to clean! So let’s get into spring cleaning mode!

I created a specific spring cleaning checklist for dorms, so you can just print it and check it off as you go (or do so at your phone or tablet!). You can find it at the end of the blog post, but first, let’s go through the essential spring cleaning list!


I start with laundry, every time. Put everything in the washing machine and you can go and do everything else while your laundry gets clean. Don’t forget to collect any tea towels, your bedding or face/body towels. It is spring cleaning so wash anything and everything. You could even wash your curtains or your winter coat before putting it away til next winter or shoes that can be washed in the washing machine.

Spring cleaning the kitchen (ugh!)

Next I tackle the kitchen, because I hate to clean the kitchen the most. I like to start with the room I hate to clean the most, so choose accordingly. Do the dishes (ugh, how I hate this part), sort the stuff in your fridge, wipe it out, wipe down all other surfaces in your kitchen and empty the trash bins. Your kitchen should look much better now.

Desk/study area

Of course, I don’t know, how your dorm looks, so if you don’t have a desk or a study area then skip this part. I have a desk, so I make sure to put everything that’s on my desk back to it’s place (I pile up quite a lot of things on it!). Then remove everything that always sits on my desk and wipe it down. Spring cleaning is also the time where I sort through papers that piled up and junk drawers with random things in them (I know you have one!). Get rid of stuff, that you couldn’t even remember you had in the first place.


My bathroom is pretty small so it doesn’t take long to clean it. I clean the toilet, the mirror, the shower and the sink. I also have some storage, so I get everything out and wipe everything down. This is really it for me, but you may need to do more or less, depending on your bathroom.


Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to declutter your wardrobe. Especially now, as we are all stuck inside, I think this is a great project to start. So get everything out of your closet and put it in a huge pile on your bed. Go through everything and sort out the clothes you don’t wear anymore, those ones that don’t fit anymore or maybe clothes that have holes or other defects. Decide which ones can be donated, which ones are going into the trash and which ones you want to keep. I also like to reorganise my closet by putting spring/summer clothes in the front and winter clothes in the back (still accessible though, you never know!).

Finish off the spring cleaning

Now we need the finishing touch. Put new bags in the trashcans, clean the windows, make your bed (with the freshly washed bedding! the best feeling!!) and vacuum. I vacuum at the very end, because wiping dust and making your bed could potentially cause more dust on the floor.

Living in a small apartment has it’s perks, spring cleaning doesn’t take forever and it’s manageable. I included the checklist beneath here, so go and save it (maybe pin it? :))! It is also possible to print it in black and white! Or use it on whatever device you desire to save on paper and ink 🙂 It is free and you don’t have to subscribe to anything, but if you would like to access the freebies library and/or want to support my blog, you can consider subscribing to my newsletter! This way you will get notified on the new blog posts every week and also if I add anything new to the freebies library!

Spring cleaning for students dorm edition

What do you think? What is on your spring cleaning checklist? Let me know in the comments!