There are so many notebooks available today that you can use as a bullet journal. The most popular are the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks and those are the ones that I used first. Then I found another brand that I like even more! Those are the Nuuna notebooks, that I am writing a review on today.

I also made a video on the notebooks, if you are more of the visual/video type. I am going to embed it at the end of this post, so just scroll down, if you want to get to the video instantly!

But, I don’t want to ramble on for a long time, so let’s jump into it!

The cover

Something that is very different in the Nuunas is the cover. Nuuna has different kinds of covers: a soft leather one and a jeans label material. The leather ones are soft cover obviously, while the jeans label are flexcover, meaning that they feel like a thick card board, but not as stiff as a hard cover. The one I use for my bullet journal is the soft leather one and I absolutely love it! I love a soft cover a lot more than a hard cover (is anyone with me on this?). I also adore the design on the cover, the copper banana leaves and the grey, it is gorgeous.

They also have a lot of different designs, from metallic, to holo to black, anything you could want. So just go ahead and check out their website and all the beautiful notebooks! Click here! (Btw, not sponsored or anything like this – I wish, haha – I just really love these notebooks)


Nuuna notebooks have a thread stitching that is hidden underneath the cover. They lay flat for the most part, but on the few first pages it could be difficult to write on, because the notebooks are so thick.

These notebooks have 256 pages that make them a very nice size and thickness to hold, at least for me. I just love a chunky notebook more than anything. I think it feels soo much better to hold a thicker notebook, as if your whole life could fit in there.

The size

They have different sizes, but the ones I have and use are the size L. They are a little wider and taller than a normal A5 notebook. I actually took a photo of a Nuuna and Leuchtturm so you can see the size difference. I really love the slightly bigger Nuuna, I think it is a much nicer size.

Paper quality & color + pen test

The paper in here is 120 gramms Munken paper and it is bright white (as you can tell from the previous picture, hopefully).  As I got the notebook in the mail, I just had to make a pen test first thing, because I heard that the paper in the Nuuna is thicker than the paper in the Leuchtturm. I was hoping for less ghosting (I know this is not the proper term, but I don’t know what it is) and I actually got less ghosting! As you can tell, the darker mildliners show through a little, but none of my black markers or my Tombow markers.

It is actually kind of funny that the dark mildliners show through, because they didn’t in my Leuchtturm. Also worth mentioning: because the paper in this notebook is white and not creme, most of the colors look actually totally different, less pastell I would say. So if you never tried out your mildliners on white paper, I would suggest you do that before you buy a notebook with white paper.

Dot grid

The dot grid in the Nuunas is smaller than the usual dot grid. You can see the comparison on the picture above. The dots are 3 mm apart, as opposed to the dot grid in a Leuchtturm, where the dots are 5 mm apart. It is something to get used to at the beginning, but I like the small dot grid a lot more, because my handwriting tends to get nicer when I write smaller. The smaller dot grid also means that you can fit more on one page. The dot grid is light grey, that makes the dots disappear on the page even more.


The Nuunas have a lot simpler design inside than the Leuchtturms do. The newer designs feature numbered pages and depending on the design of the cover, also edge coloring. My grey one also has edge coloring, but because it was harder to capture on a picture, I only took a photo of the pink one. The dot grid can change with the design of the cover too, most of the notebooks have a light grey dot grid, but some of them have colorful dot grids, such as orange or blue.


Nuuna notebooks are not very cheap, but because they are very high quality, I really think they are worth the money. Also, the variety of beautiful designs and the great quality paper make Nuuna notebooks very luxurious and elegant. The size L notebooks cost 23 Euros (~ 27 USD) but depending on the size and the design, it can cost more or less.


I love my Nuuna notebook to death and I love it a lot more than my Leuchtturms. Because it is so thick, it will definitely last me a long time, so I think the price is justified. It is all around a very high quality and nice notebook. I dont think I will ever buy anything else as a bullet journal than a Nuuna.

You can check out the Nuuna notebooks here! Also, here is the video I was talking about:

Do you want to see a Nuuna Leuchtturm comparison? If you do, leave me a comment down below!