Bullet journals are everywhere and not without a reason – they are fun, they make you more productive and they are completely customizable.

You can find bullet journal inspiration everywhere. While those pictures are pretty to look at, I often find myself thinking: well, I can’t draw, I can’t doodle, I can’t watercolor … my journal looks like crap. If you also feel like this most of the time, I have good news for you: Skillshare!

Skillshare is a website where you can learn a lot of things (for example creative stuff) online through videos. You can learn how to watercolor, how to doodle, how to letter, how to draw – there are so many creative classes! But not only creative classes, you can also find business classes, technology and lifestyle classes! Ever since I registered on Skillshare I am addicted!

If you want to sign up, you can do so by clicking here. If you sing up using this link, you are getting 2 free months of Skillshare, instead of just 1! I also earn a free month for you signing up 🙂 It is really a win-win situation!

So let’s dive into my favourite Skillshare classes for bullet journaling, because I have quite a lot of them! (Just click on the title to get to the class, it opens in a new tab!)

Botanical Line Drawing

You may or may not heard from the book with the same title that is all over Instagram. Well, the girl who wrote that book (@thepigeonletters on Instagram) also created a Skillshare class, so you can see how she is drawing! I really loved this class and I learned a lot from it. I think, these drawings are perfect to use in a bullet journal!


Line Drawing: Cactus & Succulent Edition

Another great class by Peggy. I am sure that you saw cacti and succulent drawings all over Instagram. Those are so cute! If you also want to draw those cute plants, you should definitely check out this class! These are also great to decorate your bullet journal with!


Learn to paint watercolor leaves

If you want to use watercolors, but you are afraid to start, check out this class! You are going to learn how to paint really cute leaves to pep up your bullet journal with! Don’t forget to test watercolors on one of the last pages of your journal first, just to see how the paper handles the water! After that, just take this awesome class and paint away! 🙂


Pen & Ink Florals

Florals are a great addition to your bullet journal, but they could be very intimidating to draw. Also, they are not that easy to master, but with the help of this class you can learn the basics and try it out for yourself! After that, you only have to practice a little more and you can draw these cute florals in your bullet journal.


Embossing 101

Embossing is also a thing that I always see on Instagram. Those very satisfying videos of embossing power turning into shiny letters under heat. Sounds familiar? Are you always wondering how that works? Well, then you have to check out this Skillshare class from Peggy (again, haha). This is a really easily understandable class on embossing and tells you everything you need to know.


Doodle Magic – Basic and Advanced Techniques

Doodling is quick, cute and gives a page a little extra. The problem is – I can’t doodle. If you are feeling the same way, you should take this class. You are going to learn so much about doodling, you will be tempted to cover all of your pages in doodles.


Drawing Mandalas

If you follow Boho Berry (who doesn’t?), I am sure you have seen her mandalas. Mandalas are very cute and look so aesthetically pleasing, but I find them to be really complicated to create. Luckily, there is a Skillshare class for anything, so naturally there is a Skillshare class for drawing mandalas. How great is that? Now you can create mood mandalas and such for your bullet journal.


Hand lettering: 4 Easy steps to modern calligraphy

Finally, I also wanted to include a class about lettering. There are soooo many different ones, targeting different styles and mediums, but I thought this class from Peggy is the easiest one to get started with. This is the calligraphy you would see in bullet journals on the internet, or in the videos. This class is going to teach you the basics and then you only have to practice.


What are your favourite Skillshare classes? Share them with me below in the comments!

Thanks for reading!