If you would really know me or live in the same apartment with me, you would know what I was doing for the past months. Basically, just lying in bed all day.

Once in a while (and I mean maybe once a month) I would maybe do yoga, but only because my habit tracker in my bullet journal was empty where it said „yoga“, so I was feeling bad and I wanted to fill it up. To work out was something I couldn’t even think of.

At this point, I was so lazy, that I didn‘t even want to go anywhere or do anything. It really took a toll on my mental health and it still does. But somehow I managed to work out for almost 3 weeks now, going to the gym 4 times a week and doing yoga on the days between. And slowly I feel a little better.

So how did I work out more? Well, it wasn‘t easy.

First, I needed a goal. Something that motivates me to work out more. I had two reasons: of course, I wanted to get fitter and look better, because I put on some weight. But also, I thought it would help with mental health. I was feeling horrible. And still do, but that is for maybe another blog post. So I wanted to change a lot.

So set yourself a goal or something that motivates you. It has to be something, that you can‘t deal with anymore. For example, you want to work out because you just CAN‘T stand how you look anymore. You were thinking a lot about working out and dropping some weight, for a loooong time, but you can‘t stay this way anymore. It should be something that is worse than working out.

As I had a goal and signed up for a gym membership, I realised that I had no idea what to do, once I am there. I knew, I wanted to do weight lifting because I heard how effective it was, but where do I start? I was a newbie (I still am), I was in a gym before but I didn‘t have a clue that time either. So I signed up for a fitness program.

I know, these are expensive, and a gym membership is expensive also. You could do at home workouts and maybe buy a couple of weights, so you can work out with weights. But you can also just do yoga if you want to, there are a lot of apps and YouTube channels for free.

Just do it, whatever kind of work out you choose.

I choose this program, because I was following Pamela on Instagram for a long time and I absolutely adore how she looks. It also comes with a nutrition guide, where you can calculate how many calories you should eat a day and there are also a lot of recipes to choose from. I actually only use the work out part, where you complete a 12 week program and it tells you what exercises to do. (This post is by the way not sponsored in any way – I wish, haha – I just really like this program by Pamela)

As the last step, I bought myself work out clothes. Choose clothes that you like on yourself and want to wear! It really motivates me to put my workout clothes on. You are also going to need a water bottle and a towel, but chances are, you already have those things at home 🙂

And now?

So, now you maybe want to read the big secret. The big secret to working out more without having to work out more, haha. I know, it is not easy. To get up, go to the gym or in the living room and just do it. It wasn‘t for me. It motivated me that I pay a lot of money for the gym membership and the fitness program so I felt like I have to do it because I am paying a lot for it. That could also work for you. But other than that, you just have to get up and do it. I know, I am sorry for not having a life changing secret, where you don‘t have to work out.

I also decided to track only 3 things in my habit tracker, one being working out/yoga. These 3 things I want to do everyday. So I play „don‘t break the chain“. Once you did it for a couple of days and you see your tracker filling up, you really don‘t want to ruin it. Maybe you could try this also 🙂

What are your tips to work out more? Please share them in the comments 🙂