When it comes to drinking water, a lot of people think it is impossible to drink enough water everyday. But is it? No, it really is not impossible. If I can do it, you can do it.

How did I go from not drinking hardly a glass of water the whole day to drinking the recommended amount and more? That is what I am going to write about in this article.

My story

I was always struggling with drinking enough, like most of us do. I mean, water tastes like nothing and because most of the time I was so behind with my water drinking I would drink a lot at once. Than my belly would be full and I would feel uncomfortable. So I would hate even the thought of drinking water. It always felt like something I should be able to do but I am not. Than I was angry at myself, I felt like a loser and had even less motivation to drink water. That had to stop.

As the new year approached, I decided that this year I am going to drink more water (who didn‘t? I am sure, this particular thing is on almost every resolutions list). But how? I tried putting fruit and such in my water but I found it rather disgusting. I was always okay with how water tasted, I just needed a reminder of drinking it. And also, consistency.

What to decide on

The amount

Of course, you should know, how much water you want to drink. There are recommendations, but you can also calculate it online depending on your weight and height. You can find a calculator here.

The bottle

If you want to do this, YOU NEED a water bottle. That was my biggest help in drinking more. Just order a pretty one online or buy one in a store. It should be pretty and it should contain a fair amount of water (mine contains 1 liter, so I only had to drink pretty much 2 bottles a day). I got mine from equa and I love it so much. You should also decide whether the bottle should be plastic or glass. I recommend glass because it is easier to clean and it‘s more hygienic. It is also kind of heavy to carry, though, so consider that.

The liquids

You have to decide, what counts as drinking water. The best would be to really only count actual water, but if you are a beginner and do not like to drink H2O, you could also count like tea (without caffeine!), or maybe juices (without added sugar!). You can also put lemon juice in your water if you like that, it is said to be really healthy (ONLY lemon juice, no sugar), so that could count to. Either way, you have to decide, what liquids count. You should NEVER count coffee, soda (obviously), sweet tea, juices with added sugar, smoothies, alcohol (also obvious). Anything with caffeine or added sugar in it actually dehydrates you so if you let‘s say drink a cup of coffee, you should drink a glass of water to rehydrate.

The water

It may be an obvious choice, but you still have to choose. Do you want to drink tap water, or mineral water? Sparkling or still? I drink tap water because that is the easiest for me, no need to fill water from one bottle to another and I can fill up my bottle at uni also. I think, it is kinda personal preference, and you can also change it up now and then.

How to do it

So you decided on all the above and you are now ready to start drinking more agua … but how?

Keep your water bottle with you ALL TIMES

This is where your choice about the material of the bottle comes in. If you choose to have a glass bottle, well, now it is maybe a bit heavy and maybe also a little too big to fit in your smallest purses. If you really decided to drink more water, than, well, you have to live with it, like I do. I carry my bottle everywhere with me. Well, I do not bring it with me, when I just go downstairs to grab the post, but you know what I mean. It is kind of sacrifice to not be able to carry around clutches and really small purses if you want to bring your water bottle – but if you go out at nighttime and manage to drink your recommended amount of water till then, you don‘t even need to bring your bottle with you! 😉

Pick a big bottle

This kind of ties together with the last point. I already mentioned, how much it helps me to have a big bottle. For me it is a lot easier to drink 2 big bottles a day, than like 8 small ones. This way I don‘t have to refill that often and it somehow gets empty faster.

Keep track

If you have a smaller water bottle, you should write down if you finished one, because it is likely that you are going to forget it. Forgetting it will frustrate you because you will feel like as if all your effort was for nothing, because you can‘t be sure if drank enough that day or not. (Another reason a big bottle is convenient!) You can keep track on your phone, in your journal, or even really cool water bottles that do that for you.

Set up reminders

If your problem is that you can‘t seem to remind yourself to drink more water, then obviously you need reminders to do that for you (I know, I am genius). The easiest way to do this is to set reminders on your phone. You should set 5-6 reminders at first and see how you do that day. According to that, you can set more or less reminders. When you set the time for your reminders, you should consider your classes or other obligations where you can‘t look at your phone or you won‘t notice the reminder.

Be more thirsty

You are now maybe thinking – like what? How should I be more thirsty? Well, there is an easy way: exercise! I know, that is the last thing you wanted to hear (or read) today. And why? Because you hear it everywhere. But! Exercising makes you thirsty. Even just walking or cleaning or any form of movement does it. You don‘t have to be like going to the gym to drink more H2O, just be more physically engaged. Dance around the room or vacuum the apartment – whatever floats your boat. You are going to be thirsty and then you can fill up your cute new water bottle and finally use it!

Just do it

Original quote from Shia LaBeouf, haha. I know, this does not sound very helpful, but it‘s true. If you want to drink more water, you can have all the help in the world, but at the end it‘s you who has to decide, open the bottle and drink the water. It may be uncomfortable at first and the beginning is always the hardest, but you have to start doing it. Also, you need consistency. Set yourself a goal, where you HAVE to drink the recommended amount EVERY DAY for a week. Or 3 days. Or just one day. One day at a time works too. Just set yourself a goal and carry it out. Then, do that again. And again. I guarantee you, that after 3-4 weeks you are going to need that water everyday. From there, you can even increase your water intake.

You could also play „don‘t break the chain“, where you have to do something every day and the goal is to do that every single day. If you miss a day, you break the chain and that is what you should avoid. You can even reward yourself if you managed to do a specific amount of days.

High-tech stuff to help you

We live in very tech-oriented times, so of course there are tech gadgets that could help you with drinking more liquid life.

Phone apps

There are many phone apps for both iOS and Android to choose from, when it comes to drinking more H2O, reminding you of drinking water or making the process more fun. Just type in water in the App store or Google Play Store and there going to be a lot of apps to choose from. Since that is kind of overwhelming, my favourites are WaterTrakr, Waterlogged, Plant Nanny.

Joseph & Joseph bottle

This is a very cool bottle that lets you track how many bottles of water you managed to drink. Everytime you fill the bottle up, you just twist the cap and a dot appears. This way you can easily track how much water you had. You can buy it here.

Ulla reminder

Ulla is a device that you attach to your bottle and it reminds you to drink water with short light flashes. The light is constructed in a way that you can‘t miss. This way you are constantly reminded when you have to drink again. You can get one here.

Smart bottles

There are different kinds of smart bottles that sync up with your phone and even offer you diagrams and analyse your drinking habits. Just a few examples: H2OPal, Sippo, Hidrate Spark.

These were all of my tips on how to drink more agua, I hope it helped you somehow!

Do you have tips on how to drink more water? Please let me know in the comments!