As a stationary lover I can’t get enough of cute notebooks. Never. I collect them, most of the time I don’t even use them because they are so cute but I just got to have them. Familiar?

But I don’t like to buy notebooks in shops in my area, because most of the time I don’t find anything that I like. So that’s why I like to order online. The question is: where to get cute notebooks?

Well, there are a lot of stores online that sell cute notebooks, but I have a couple of favourites. So if you are searching for a cute notebook to use as a bullet journal, or for back to school, don’t look further: I have the best websites to order notebooks from collected in this handy blog post. I am sure you are going to love all of them!

Then you just have to decide which ones to get – and that is going to be hard, not going to lie. If I had the money (and space in my apartment), I would buy all of them. Just so I can store them on a book shelf and look at them all day. I am stationery obsessed, have you noticed?

Of course, this list is not even close to being complete, I just wanted to list my favourites. But still, I am sure you are going to find cute notebooks on these sites. And if not, you can still look on Etsy, Amazon, or Aliexpress. I just didn’t want to list the obvious websites.

So let’s dive in to stationary heaven (because on lot of these sites you can buy all kinds of stationery!) and hope, that we don’t spend and endless amount of money in the process.


Notebook Therapy

This shop is for all the people who love high quality East-Asia notebooks. Not only are they very kawaii, they are also very high quality for a great price (18 – 25 USD). You can get so many cute notebooks here, that it is really hard to choose. There are marble covers, cat covers, donut covers, flowers, galaxy, stationery covers, crystals … the list is endless. I especially like the ‘Sights of Japan’ and the ‘Note for Garden Flower’ collections.

And you know what? If you use my code ‘thecaffeinatedjournal10’ at the checkout, you get 10% off of your order! Also, did I mention that they offer free shipping worldwide? Click here, to check it out!

[I receive commission, if you use my promo code, when you buy notebooks. This only means for you, that you get a 10% discount on your order and I earn 10% of the sales. It’s a win-win situation!]


Mossery Notebooks

These are so cute, I can’t even. You can choose a cover you like, you can choose the paper that goes into your notebook – it is perfection. You can even let them print your name (or a quote!) on the cover. They have a wire binding, but they are kind of hidden when the book is closed, I find that really fascinating. They also have stickers and pouches on their website! Try not to spend too much money, haha.

Click here to check out Mossery.


Oh, you are going to love this shop. They have the cutest stationery ever! And they have so many things, from notebooks, to planners, stickers, pencil cases, phone cases, bags, beauty, even clothes! They have a signature style, but if you like that, you are going to love every single item in their shop! Most of the time, they have very nitty-gritty texts on their products and really cute patterns. I know that I am in love with everything! So go ahead and check out their website!

Click here to check out!



This is the store where I got my bullet journal from. Nuuna notebooks are very high quality, very soft and thick notebooks. They have a tiny dot grid (I think 0.35) and the pages are numbered. They have all sorts of graphic notebooks, mine is the banana leaves in copper. They feel so good in your hands, you would want to touch them the whole day. They are also slightly wider than the A5 Leuchtturms. And the paper quality is amazing and the paper is white (not cream, like in the Leuchtturms!). I just love everything about them.

Click here, to check out Nuuna!


These are my favourite shops to get notebooks from on the internet!

Don’t forget to use my code ‘thecaffeinatedjournal10’ on Notebook Therapy if you order something to get 10% off! It would help you and me out 🙂

Tell me, what are your favourite shops to order notebooks from? I am curious, leave a comment below 🙂

Thank you for reading!