So today I wanted to talk about an important topic. I saw this somewhere on the internet, maybe on Instagram, I can‘t remember.

But I know, that the idea is still with me, so I thought I would write about it.

In this post, somebody was bragging. He/she told us, what is great about him/her and encouraged us to do the same.

But what is so important about this, that I even write about it?

There is a common view that you should always be humble. You shouldn‘t state what you are good at, you shouldn‘t brag but still, you have to be confident enough and appear as a strong personality. For me, that‘s a fine line. So most of the time I am more humble than I should be, it is just easier. Nobody shames you if you are too humble, but everybody does if you just cross the line a little.

But once in a while it is a nice feeling to brag a little. You don‘t have to brag to friends or family, just brag to yourself. About yourself. For yourself.

It is as if you would give yourself a pep talk. It can help, if you are feeling a bit down about yourself and maybe think a too little of yourself. But also, it is a great feeling to say: „well, fuck everybody, I am awesome!“. It also helps with listening to yourself more and not letting other people‘s opinions get to you so much.

So today, I urge you to brag.

Please, do it in the comments, if you feel comfortable doing that! Tell me, what is that you are proud about yourself, what do you like about yourself, what is, that you can do very well? I want to know!

Now, I am going to start. You don‘t know, how hard it is for me, everybody was always telling me to be extremely humble and I had to be silent when I was proud of myself. So here it is:

I am awesome. When I was 15, I moved to a foreign country  and I was doing really great in school. I am building websites and blogs and creating design since I am 13 and I taught myself all of it. I am creative and I learned how to do calligraphy in a very short time. Also, I can cook and bake pretty well and improvise in the kitchen. I went vegan overnight and never looked back. I am great at learning languages and I learn them very fast. So screw everybody that thinks I am not cool 🙂

Now I want to read yours! Don‘t let me alone in this, let‘s brag together 🙂 It feels nice, I promise.