I hope I am not the only one setting up their bullet journal for April this late! If you are in the same boat, I got some cute bullet journal theme ideas for you to try out! I never know with what kind of theme I should go, so of course, Pinterest and Instagram are my best friends.

So some of these spreads are not going to be from April. But! I still think that the theme would fit April. I am kind of tired of flowers and such, they are somewhat of a cliche for spring I think. That’s why I chose some different kind of themes for this post.

I also already wrote a list about monthly theme ideas if you want to check out a longer and more extensive list, not only for April but for any month! Click here to check the list out!

You probably already saw Amanda Rach Lee’s theme for this April but I thought it is too good not to be included here, so there you go:

You know the saying: April showers bring may flowers, right? So what theme could be more fitting, than a rainy one? It is raining here like crazy since weeks now, so I really dig this theme:

Now that the weather is a little bit nicer and warmer (except the rain), I really want to just get out and spend my time outside. So I thougth a bicycle theme would be so cute for April! Get out the bikes!

And if you want something more simple, just go with something geometric and it is going to look amazing, like here:

Of course, I can’t forget, that our favourite show, Game of Thrones is finally going to be back in April, so it would be an obvious choice for a theme:

I hope you found something you liked! You can also always check out my Instagram page if you want to see what I create in my journal 🙂 Click here!

I am planning on posting more about bullet journal themes, let me know in the comments what you think 🙂