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Hello lovely people, today I bring you an extensive April bullet journal inspiration post. I am going to do these every month, so do check back to get your inspiration! Since it is almost mid-March, I thought it would be the best to bring you some inspiration for April.

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I collect the best ideas for you in this blog post, so you don’t even have to go searching yourself. I utilize Instagram and Pinterest to find the most amazing spreads, but I hope in the future I will be able to create a lot of different kind of spreads on my own for these posts. If you feel like anything is missing from the list, do let me know below, so I can include it in the next blog post!

If you are in a need for some journal supplies, check out the ones I curated down below! I think these are the best tools out there for bullet journaling! I personally have used or am using all of these, so I really only recommend things I believe are amazing!

So now that you got your supplies, let’s dig in!

Theme ideas

So here are some theme ideas for April, that are rather specific for this time of the year. Of course, you can always do a theme that is unrelated to the month and could be used any month. Since this is a blog post about bullet journal inspiration specifically for April, these themes relate to April. If you want to look at more themes, you can check out these blog posts:

Now, the ideas I came up with this month:

  • Eastern
  • Umbrellas/Rain/Clouds
  • Flowers
  • Bunnies/Foxes/Forest animals
  • Honey/bees
  • Butterflies
  • Bugs and insects
  • Blossoming trees

Cover page ideas

Monthly page ideas

Weekly page ideas

Mood tracker and habit tracker ideas

I hope you liked all the different ideas for April and maybe you even found some new awesome Instagram accounts to follow! I also have an Instagram account, where I only post bullet journal content, if you are interested, you can check it out here:

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Let me know in the comments: what is your theme for April? And what kind of inspiration did you miss in this roundup?