I am an absolute bullet journal junkie and I really love to plan things and be creative with it. My life feels like a lot more put together this way and I have a creative outlet.

As I was growing up, I was never that girl, that could draw cute doodles or anything pretty, but I feel like with my bullet journal I am good at being creative and developing ideas for spreads.

What the heck is a bullet journal?

If you don‘t know what a bullet journal is, I have to ask you under what rock you are living, because sometimes I could use a place to hide from the world, haha. But really, if you have never heard of a bullet journal before, you are missing out! I am planning on writing a series about bullet journaling in-depth, but until I finish that, I can recommend doing some reading on the original bullet journal website, that you can find here. It explains the system quite well, and then it‘s all about you and your creativity to develop a system for yourself, tailored to your needs.

Are you not sure about getting a bullet journal?

If you are on the fence about whether to create a bullet journal or not, I collected 5 reasons for you, to make your decision easier. As I already mentioned, I am quite a planner-productivity-anythingcreative type of girl, so I really didn‘t need a lot of convincing to create a bullet journal. Still, I can see, why people are kind of unsure about this kind of planning.

How I got into it

My bullet journal story is kind of plain – I saw a video on YouTube and I fell in love with it. I think it was Boho Berry (haha, who else than the original queen of bullet journaling?) that made me fall in love with bullet journals. Then I went out and bought a cheap notebook from Ikea to start with. I even made a flip through video of it once I set it up. It was my very first YouTube video, so it is kind of hilarious and awkward at the same time. It is in hungarian, because I am hungarian (what a surprise), but fortunately, a bullet journal is a very visual system, so you can still enjoy the video (muted, for example, haha), here.

So, I rambled a LOT and I am sure, that you already want to hear (or read) those 5 reasons, so you can jump into it, buy a notebook and start. I hope I can give you that little extra push you need to stop being afraid of starting a bullet journal.

1. A bullet journal increases productivity

Even though a bullet journal is not something you would consider a normal calendar or planner, it is still a tool to increase your productivity and organize your life better. You can create to-do lists, habit trackers, monthly overviews, financial trackers … you can create anything and everything that helps you be productive and more organized.

I really like to have check boxes to tick off once I completed a task. Also, I like to have a looong list of to-dos for the day and look at it filled out at the end of the day. Then I feel like I achieved something, I was productive and I am really proud of myself. This feeling than creates the urge to do the same the next day, and the next, and so on … it really helps being productive. Once you get into it, it is kind of hard to not be productive and see the empty boxes in your journal.

2. Bullet journals are customizable

I always loved planners and stationery. I was always on the hunt for a cute notebook or a nice planner. But every time I wanted to buy a planner, I realised, that they don‘t fit my needs. They had pages that I would never use, sometimes even a lot of them. Maybe the planner looked cute, but half of it I would never use. Or I found a planner that was a great fit for my life, but it looked dull or boring or just plain ugly. And, of course, I wanted a cute planner.

The great thing about a bullet journal is, that you can create pages that you need. You don‘t have to put up with unnecessary pages, you can just leave them out as you create your own planner, completely customized to your needs. Also, you can always change the pages up, constantly creating a system that is perfect for your life at any given moment. You don‘t have to suddenly buy a brand new planner, because let‘s say you are now going to college and need a lot more space for classes and lectures.

Make it cute!

The other great thing about a bullet journal is, that you can make it cute. There are SO MANY supplies today, like stickers, washi tapes, highlighters, templates … it is very hard to not spend all of your money on cute stuff for your journal.

3. A bullet journal is a creative outlet

For me, my bullet journal is not only a planner to write down appointments and to-do lists. My bullet journal is also a place, where I go, when I want to relax and be creative. When I sit down to plan in my journal, that is a relaxing time of the day. I LOVE to plan a new month and draw out all the pages. I get lost in that moment and I totally zone out.

You know how many adults got into coloring lately? Well, if that relaxes you, bullet journaling also will. I love to color but I also love to journal. It is like meditating. Also, I am a creative type but I really suck at drawing things. In my bullet journal, I mostly draw boxes and shapes that are easy to create, things that even I can draw. I have the feeling that I am creative and don‘t totally suck at it. The results are most of the time also really pretty!

4. Your bullet journal keeps you organized

You can literally write everything down in a bullet journal. From to-do lists, to appointments, budgeting, your goals, your dreams, your wish list, whatever you want. You can even take notes in classes or track your water intake. Because it is an empty notebook, it can be whatever you need. So here you can apply all of your self-development and organisation skills and tricks and put them into work. And all of it is in only one notebook! You can keep all of your stuff with you all the time.

A bullet journal is a great help in getting organized. Imagine, you would have to carry 3 different notebooks and would also use your phone to jot down notes – all of your planning would be all over the place and you would never know where to find something. In contrary, when you have a bullet journal, all the stuff is just in there and you know that.

5. Creating a bullet journal is fun!

Well, bullet journaling wouldn‘t be so addictive if it wouldn‘t be fun at least. I can imagine, that a lot of people find planning or organizing stressful and more like a headache than anything else. This is where a bullet journal can help. It is not just your typical fill in the boxes type of calendar, but, as I already explained, it is also a creative outlet. So you are planning and getting organized all while you are having fun drawing and coloring and decorating pages!

It is also really fun getting inspired by other bullet journals! The bullet journal community is pretty big, so you can find a TON of inspiration online. I own a Facebook page, where I post bullet journal inspiration. It is actually a bullet journal collective for hungarian bullet journal fans, but since I post only pictures most of the time, you can easily get inspiration on there. You can find it here, if you want to get a look.

Still not convinced to get a bullet journal?

There are of course a lot more reasons to start a bullet journal. I could ramble on and on about how great this system is, but you would have to try for yourself to see that. I highly recommend just getting a cheap notebook and trying it out for a week or for a month. What is there to lose? 🙂

What are the reasons, that you started a bullet journal? Or what are the reasons, that you didn‘t? I would really love to know! Please, feel free to leave a comment and tell your story. I am kind of nosey and love to read the stories of others 🙂