Habit trackers – how to get the most out of them

I think most of us bullet journaler’s favourite pages are the monthly habit tracker pages. They just look so cute and at the beginning of every month you just feel so motivated to fill it ALL out. This month, you are not going to slack, you are going to do ALL the things and fill out the tracker, so at the end of the month you can look back and be proud.


Bullet journal – 5 reasons you should get one today

Do you have a bullet journal yet?

I am an absolute bullet journal junkie and I really love to plan things and be creative with it. My life feels like a lot more put together this way and I have a creative outlet. As I was growing up, I was never that girl, that could draw cute doodles or anything pretty, but I feel like with my bullet journal I am good at being creative and developing ideas for spreads and so on.