Notebook Therapy review: Sakura Micron pens + discount code

Hello there nice people! I hope you are all doing well. My life was a mess, hence my absence here, but I am slowly trying to get back to normality (as far as it is possible), so I am sitting in front of my laptop and typing away. Today I have a very exciting blog post for you – a review! I am an affiliate of Notebook Therapy for quite some time now and they never disappoint. I absolutely love their products so I was very happy as they offered me a set of Sakura Microns to test out and write a review about! Well, I got the pens in the mail so it is time to find out if they are any good 🙂


The best Skillshare classes for bullet journaling

Bullet journals are everywhere and not without a reason – they are fun, they make you more productive and they are completely customizable. You can find bullet journal inspiration everywhere. While those pictures are pretty to look at, I often find myself thinking: well, I can’t draw, I can’t doodle, I can’t watercolor … my journal looks like crap. If you also feel like this most of the time, I have good news for you: Skillshare!


How to set up your bullet journal for back to school

It is almost time for back to school and that, for us bullet journal lovers, means that it is time to set up the bullet journal for the new school year. This is exactly what I am going to talk about (or write about?) in this blog post. I want you to be fully ready for school and have your bullet journal ready and set up.