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Where to get the cutest notebooks – my favourites

As a stationary lover I can’t get enough of cute notebooks. Never. I collect them, most of the time I don’t even use them because they are so cute but I just got to have them. Familiar? But I don’t like to buy notebooks in […]


How to: bullet journal for more productivity

Bullet journals are not only a great way to channel your creativity, but they can make you more productive. Ever wondered how to use your bullet journal for more productivity? Well, me too. That‘s why I was searching for ways to do exactly that. And […]


My study routine: distance learning

Remember when I wrote about changing my major? Well, I found something, that I now study and I really enjoy it. I developed a routine to help me study and in this blog post I want to share it with you.


Why it’s important to work part-time in college

College years are hard for most of us. It can be very overwhelming, all the exams, the workload, the parties, finding friends, essays and so on. There is a lot to do most of the time and it seems like there is not enough time […]