How to go vegan and stay vegan

I tried many times to go vegan. The reason I wanted to do it was that I heard that it is healthier, your skin is going to look better, you are going to have more energy and get fit. Well, I thought this is great and what I need. I wanted to be more healthy but I didn‘t know where to start. Veganism seemed easy enough – no calorie counting, macros or whatever, just don‘t eat anything that contains animal products. Not very complicated.


3 self-development books you don’t want to miss out on

I love to read self-development books. I even love to read them more than I like to read fantasy or any other kind of book. The reason for this is, I suppose, that every time I read a book like this, I feel instantly motivated to get my sh*t together and apply the knowledge I just learned.

Naturally, I have some favourites. Not all of them were eye-opening and I can‘t even remember what some of them were about. Nevertheless, there are some, that I think were great and you should also read them. They are not very long or hard to read, so that‘s a plus.


The ultimate guide on drinking more water

When it comes to drinking water, a lot of people think it is impossible to drink enough water everyday. But is it? No, it really is not impossible. If I can do it, you can do it.

How did I go from not drinking hardly a glass of water the whole day to drinking the recommended amount and more? That is what I am going to write about in this article.